Rachel HamburgerThe realistic, highly-charged landscapes and urban scenes of Israeli artist Rachel Hamburger are simple in scope yet complex in terms of emotive expression and meaning. Through balanced compositions and bright palettes, Hamburger explores the deeper meanings and implications contained within her subjects and how they come to reflect the broad human experience we all share today. Her natural landscapes are idyllic and dreamy, while her urban scenes are at times nostalgic but also capture the element of tension that underscores modern life. What results are highly intuitive paintings that explore some of the greater truths of human existence.

For Hamburger, painting provides a sacred space of calm and serenity, a place to escape from the pressures of the modern world. As she explains, “I feel that my work is a musical journey filled with vibrant colors and movement that voices and expresses my thoughts and feelings.” Through art, Hamburger seeks to capture and elucidate the beauty and joy that are such central components of life, as well as its intrinsic difficulties and challenges.